Your own
PERSONAL keyboard shortcuts helper!

Empowering users with keyboard shortcuts for better workflow efficiency.

Here's what Keyshort.AI currently works with!

how to use it

It's just two easy steps.
Then Keyshort does the rest!

Step 1

Download the Keyshort.AI Chrome Extension and PIN to your tab bar.

Step 2

Click on the Extension and ask the chatbot any questions on Keyboard Shortcuts.


Keyshort SUGGESTIONS will provide new commands for users based on past actions!

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Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Keyshort.AI!

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More Productivity

Keyshort.AI solves the problem of constantly searching up commands on applications. Using the chatbot, it will provide shortcut commands for the user's recent actions. Along with this, the chatbot also allows for users to ask commands questions directly without having to open new tabs.

A 10-25% increase in efficiency from keyboard shortcuts
Minimizes strain when using computers

Simple to Use

Keyshort.AI uses a chatbot feature to answer any questions from the user about keyboard commands. Instant responses and no need to switch to a new tab to ask questions!

Keyboard shortcuts all in one place
Chatbot helper!
Built into your website extension
flux office
flux office

Growing Compatibility

Everyday Keyshort.AI is becoming compatible with more applications and websites. The Keyshort team aims to become compatible with all applications and make using keyboard shortcuts universal!

Downloaded Applications

What We Do?

Keyshort.AI is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Keyshort.AI will produce suggested keyboard shortcuts based on your actions on the website/application! The chatbot feature also allows for any keyboard questions to be answer while still on the website.

Shortcut Suggestion

Based on your actions, Keyshort.AI will provide a keyboard shortcut suggestion!

Shortcut Requests

Using the chatbot, ask any keyboard question and get answers immediately!

Shortcut Customization

Coming Soon: Be able to customize your keyboard shortcuts easily through Keyshort.AI's chatbot!